Interview in Cultartes Magazine

I've got featured in the"unconventional art" romanian magazine Cultartes. You can read the article/interview in the following link:

(By the way: I don't feel related with the title 'symbiosis between God and sex' they've put to this interview. I don't mention in any moment anything about sex, but I guess it is their way to catch the attention of the reader)

Black Flash Back

Yukiko Hiranuma and I have formed a band named Black Flash Back. Some kind of musical and poetical correspondence/project between Japan and Spain. These are two examples of our music:


Dead Can Dance

Since early 2000 I started to make doodles with ballerinas holding skulls, dancing with and on them. I started to do this influenced by the macabre stories of ballerinas that Edward Gorey drew, Hamlet, and the beautiful tradition of the Dance of the Death.

Now and then I like to draw some of those ballerinas more elaborately, which is a very entertainment thing for me. This is a forever ongoing "project" since it is something I've been doing from time to time in the last decades, as pastime. Maybe some day I will make a book with all of them. I called this project as the band "Dead Can Dance".

These are just some examples of my collection of ballerinas: