Ballad of the Rose

I have published in the blog I'm showing in this post my whole project 'Ballad of the Rose'. This project consists of an album with seven piano tracks and a poem with twenty illustrations.

The Book of Psalms

In 2014 I started to illustrate/paint the Book of Psalms. I am posting here some few examples from that work. I made the illustrations mainly under the light of the exegesis Saint Augustine did on them in his bright work “Enarrationes in Psalmos” (Expositions on the psalms). In any case I'm deepening into the psalms with all the help I can get as well from readings like "The art of biblical poetry" by Robert Alter, "Interpreting the psalms" by Mark D. Futato, "Praying the psalms" by Thomas Merton, "Biblical geography" by Denis Baly, "The Symbolism of the Biblical World: Ancient Near Eastern Iconography and the Book of Psalms" by Othmar Keel, "Dictionary of Biblical Imagery" by Ryken/Wilhoit/Longman, and all kind of guides through the Old Testament. 

Another author that influenced much this project is Mark C. Taylor and his theories on religion, art and architecture.

For this project I am using mainly the psalm's translations from "Biblia de Jerusalén" and "Nueva Biblia Española" in spanish. "New International Version", "NASB" in english. 

Some samples:                                       (all images Álvaro Barcala ©)


Illustrations for "The Cherubinic Pilgrim" (or Cherubinic Wanderer)

These are some few examples of the 302 illustrations I made at the beginning of 2014 during my stay in Portugal for the 302 christian mystic epigrams that form the first book of The Cherubinic Pilgrim” (or Cherubinic Wanderer) written by Angelus Silesius in 1657.
(all images are copyrighted ©)

Some samples:

Interior Castle

I am continuing the serie of paintings "Interior Castle". This title is homonymous of a St Teresa of Ávila's book. Another books I'm finding inspiration from are the arthurian-medieval "Perlesvaus", "Parzival" by Eschenbach, "Perceval, le Conte du Graal" by Troyes, and such. I find many bonds between the symbolism of the arthurian Grail Castle and that Interior Castle of St. TeresaThis serie of paintings is closely related with the arthurian pencil drawings I am doing at the same time ("The Holy Wound" in the former post is one of them) for they belong to the same project. 

Some examples: