The March of the Crows

I’ve had much fun making this song. Last month I came across an old notebook with some poems I dared to write as a child. Since then I have been reshaping the music project I am doing (“Touch”) basing it now on some random verses from that childhood notebook. I’ve even changed the title of the whole thing for “And The Angel Said Never”. Now the album is getting the flavor of a soundtrack or some film score, mixing piano themes with some orchestral touch. All this stuff is still susceptible for retouchings, changes, additions, etc. Normally musicians just show their work when it is completely done, but as illustrator I have always liked to show the process and the work on progress.


I have uploaded my piano project "Lusitania" to Bandcamp. Nine piano pieces inspired mostly by experiences and geographical spots of Portugal during the time I was living there.

The album is download-able in Bandcamp in all kind of formats:


I've just uploaded to Bandcamp one of the projects I worked on while I was staying in Portugal. This album and short pieces emerged by circumstantial emotions recorded "in situ" with a minimalistic and sketch-like approach.
You can listen to it (and download it in Wav, Mp3, Flac, and many other formats) in the following Bandcamp link:

A sample track from this album:

METANOIA. Album release

I've released my album Metanoia on Bandcamp
where you can download it.
12 piano based (kinda-ambient) tracks

two tracks samples:



Rain Outside the Cathedral


The definitive version of this track for my Project/Album Touch.

For this song I have re-edited a videocreation I made as a collage of videoloops using material I took from London and Berlin nightlights.

The Book of Psalms

I'm illustrating the Book of Psalms mainly under the light of the exegesis Saint Augustine did on them in his bright work “Enarrationes in Psalmos” (Expositions on the psalms). In any case I'm deepening into the psalms with all the help I can get as well from readings like "The art of biblical poetry" by Robert Alter, "Interpreting the psalms" by Mark D. Futato, "Praying the psalms" by Thomas Merton, "Biblical geography" by Denis Baly, "The Symbolism of the Biblical World: Ancient Near Eastern Iconography and the Book of Psalms" by Othmar Keel, "Dictionary of Biblical Imagery" by Ryken/Wilhoit/Longman, and all kind of guides through the Old Testament. 

For this project I am using mainly the psalm's translations from "Biblia de Jerusalén" and "Nueva Biblia Española" in spanish. "New International Version", "NASB" in english. 

Some samples:                                       (all images Álvaro Barcala ©)


Illustrations for "The Cherubinic Pilgrim" (or Cherubinic Wanderer)

I have already finished the 302 illustrations for the 302 christian mystic epigrams that form the first book of The Cherubinic Pilgrim” (or Cherubinic Wanderer) written by Angelus Silesius in 1657. I will upload the whole book with a blog format soon to the internet. 
(all images are copyrighted ©)

Some samples:

LA CATEDRAL ROJA -The Red Cathedral-

These are some examples from the drawing book I am working on: "La Catedral Roja" (The Red Cathedral). In this book I am quickly sketching the iconography I am coming across on my way along the walls of a Red Cathedral I've discovered somewhere in my mind. I am sure this cathedral actually exists somewhere. 
- Work & Concept Álvaro Barcala ©-.