Happy to announce my new experimental/ambient/noise project 'Sebastian In Dream' has been released in the Russian label 'День забытой жизни' (The Day Of Life Forgotten), being 'As The Sun Dies In The Skyline' my first album with this project. You can listen and download the whole album in the following link:

The conception of this album started on an evening of this ending winter in which I went to a suburbian/industrial area of my city, Madrid. There I took a long walk during dusk, while I could see how literally the Sun was setting in the city skyline. During that walk I made some field recordings and wrote some sentences trying to catch the numinous spirit of the area and how that spirit interacted with me. With those sentences I composed a poem, and each verse of that poem is the title of each track. The whole album is a sound poem with which I try to make manifest the numinous spirit of my city's suburbia and how you become part of that spirit as you walk through those  streets.



I have to make a big update of my drawing/painting works in this blog, basically my artwork of the last years. Instead I have posted periodically my musical work here, but there are several drawing books and series of paintings that are not yet updated on this page. But you can see some few hints and few examples of my new work on my instagram page: 

Updates will come soon, nevertheless.

Erotic Melancholia. -Piano Solo Album-

I am happy to announce I have released a new piano solo album, 'Erotic Melancholia'

Twelve piano solo works about the eroticism of melancholia. 
I've conceived melancholy as a bare sensual phenomena that let all naked emotions show in their most pure and honest state. 

These piano pieces lack of decoration, they are minimal, they are undressed, just covered by thin transparent veils you can see through. I've conceived eroticism in this sense at the time of making this minimalistic music.


I've just released with my project Orphiká this one-track album, inspired by the novel 'DHALGREN', written by Samuel R. Delany.

20 minutes of improvised harsh atmospheric drone over which I played a piano improvisation too.

Available here:


In the last few weeks I am releasing most of the music projects I've been working on during the whole year. Many releases in a short time, but they need to see the light before I start with new things in this new year. So here it is the second volume of 'Sacred Erosion', for my project Orphiká.


I have released in bandcamp the first volume of 'The Landscape Below', for my project Orphiká
The tracks of this album are complementary with the paintings I've been making with the same name.


I'm happy to announce that I've just released the first volume of the Orphiká album in which I have been totally immersed during the last months, since I came back from Russia.
It is the first of the three volumes that compound my album/project 'Sacred Erosion'.
This whole project exposes the process of erosion, whether provoked by natural forces or human vandalism, as a sacred phenomena. Mind, body and nature in general get eroded as Time passes by, being their spirit released in decaying ecstasy, through a constant change of state. A phenomena that is beautifully perceivable in eroded and decayed art, the beauty of architectonical ruins and corroded paintings. An eroded beauty that is sacred. 
In this first volume I convey such ideas and inner drives in the shape of progressive drone sounds, created mostly with synths, where textures, atmospheres and melodies are developed in a decaying, eroding and poetical sense.

ORPHIKÁ. 'Echoing Caves' Vol.1

While I was working in my last album of Orphiká, which is almost done, sometimes I took a break from it and recorded some sudden sonic blasts that came to me in a much more raw and obscure way than the lyrical and more melodic drone pieces of the "main" album in which I've been immerse. Before giving light to that big lyrical-drone project I have just released these improvised pieces, ‘Echoing Caves’, in this volume. I will release more as the inner caves keep roaring. The whole album in the following link:

Iridescence. Piano album

I've just released my album 'Iridescence' on bandcamp. 
Twelve piano pieces that contain the iridescence inside me and inside everything.
You can listen the whole album in the following link, and you can download/purchase it as well from there, so that giving support to the artist 

Within And Without

I have just released the piano solo album I have been working on during the last months, 'Within And Without', on bandcamp
It is an album of 12 piano tracks that have been inspired from within and from without. You can listen the whole album or download it with CD audio quality (so that giving support to the artist  ) in the following link:

In The Name Of The Wind

I have just released my album 'In The Name Of The Wind' on bandcamp.
(I've posted here some of its tracks along last winter).
This album is a meditative introspection. Each piece is a soft and windy prayer, a meditative improvisation, in which I used only wind instruments as a means to evoke the primordial "wind" and "breath"
that shake and emanate all things created. 
The pieces of this album are not necessarily meant to be listened in a row, from the first
to the last one, but each of them can be used for a specific moment. 
Concepts as Nada Brahma or practices as Dhikr were an inspiration
at the time of approaching the performance/improvisation of these pieces. 
The piece 'I Am Not Afraid Of The Wind' is inspired by the homonymous poem written by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte.

ORPHIKÁ. Twilight Of The Endless Being

I have published on bandcamp the second album of my project Orphiká

In this album I keep exploring into the myth of Orpheus, the resonance of his name and the Orphic texts, all of it through 12 tracks with sounds like drone, dark ambient, meditative music and ritual.

Blooming Dancers

Some hints from the series I am working on currently called 'Blooming dancers':

Children Of The Cold

I have just published my piano album 'Children Of The Cold' on bandcamp. Eight piano solo pieces about childhood. 
It is somehow a parallel project to the other album I've published few days ago (Peripheral Boulevards), so that I've released them two almost at the same time.

Peripheral Boulevards

I've just published my piano album 'Peripheral Boulevards' on bandcamp. 
The nine piano pieces of this album are inspired by the novels of one of my favourite authors: 
Patrick Modiano

This is my homage.


Some few extracts from my serie of drawings "HORNED GODS":

"THE KNOT/DER KNOTEN/EL NUDO" 50X70cm / 19.7X27.6 inches

"THE SKY/DER HIMMEL/EL CIELO" 50X70cm / 19.7X27.6 inches
THE SKY copy

"THE ANCESTOR/DER AHN/EL ANCESTRO" 50X70cm / 19.7X27.6 inches

"THE TREE/DER BAUM/EL ÁRBOL" 50X70cm / 19.7X27.6 inches

"THE PEARL/DIE PERLE/LA PERLA" 50X70cm / 19.7X27.6 inches



"THE MOON/DER MOND/LA LUNA" 50X70cm / 19.7X27.6 inches

"THE SECOND BIRTH/DIE ZWEITE GEBURT" 50X70cm / 19.7X27.6 inches


Psalm In The Desert

I've created this piece as a choral prayer in the desert.


In search for Eden Garden...

These are the first drawings of the series "The Golden Garden" I am working on. Along the upcoming drawings I will be developing a world relating Arthurian Legends, Alchemy and Christian Iconology

Books are my main source of inspiration. During the last two years I've become aware that I have been doing my readings in three different lines and that those lines are intimately linked (Arthurian Myths, Neoplatonic-Christian Mysticism, Christian Iconology):

As for Arthurian Myth my readings have been based in books by Chrétien de Troyes (Perceval, The story of the grail / Yvain, the Knight of the Lion / Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart / Erec and Enide), Wolfram von Eschenbach (Parzival), Geoffrey of Monmouth (Historia Regum Britanniae), The Pearl Poet (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), Anonimus (Perlesvaus), The Didot Perceval, Robert de Boron (Joseph d'Arimathe / Merlin), The Prose Lancelot, Thomas Malory (Le Morte d'Arthur), Roger Sherman Loomis (The Grail, from Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol), Geoffrey Ash (The discovery of King Arthur, Merlin)...

As for Mysticism: Plotinus, Saint Augustine, Meister Eckhart, Angelus Silesius, Saint Teresa of Ávila, San Juan de la Cruz, Hildegard von Bingen, Hugh of Saint Victor, etc. / and christian thought with not a necessarily mystic approach: Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Anselm, Duns Scoto, St. Thomas Aquinas...

As for Chistian Iconology: André Grabar (The Process of Creation in Christian Iconography / The Beginnings of Christian Art / The Origins of Medieval Aesthetics), Erwin Panofsky (Studies in Iconology / Saturn and Melancholy/ Life and Art of Albrecht Dürer), Cesare Ripa (Iconology), Robin Cormack (Byzantine Art / Icons), Solrunn Nes (The Mystical Language of Icons), Hans Belting (Image and Cult / Anthropology of the Image), Juan F. Esteban Lorente (Iconography Treatise).

"The Holy Wound". 100X70 cm (39.37 X 27.55 inches). Graphite and white chalk on paper:

"The Fruit of Prayer". 32X24 cm (12.59 X 9.44 inches). Graphite and acrylic on paper:

"The Scent of the Unseen". 32X24 cm (12.59 X 9.44 inches). Graphite and acrylic on paper:

Wonderful Blood

This is the starting point of a series of drawings (and book) I am calling ‘Wonderful Blood’ -A Visual Theology On Blood-.

With this project I am making through drawings a visual investigation on christian blood cult, mostly from western european XIV-XV centuries, going through eucharistic (eaten and visual), relics, bleeding objects and images, visions, apparitions, pilgrimages, art representations, legends, private and public devotional phenomena, theological controversies, and so on.

In a way this project is a continuation of something I started with my book of drawings (230) ‘The Red Cathedral’ (2013-2014), although in that book I treated christian imagery and phenomena as well as its “holy matter” characteristics in very general terms. In this occasion I am focusing solely on Blood cult and devotion as the “holy matter” and visual means those cults were performed with.

I kind of abandoned the drawing style and visual patterns I developed with ‘The Red Cathedral’, but I find that language I created is a perfect tool to go through this subject, so I am recovering that way of drawing and working. But I will be developing other projects on the same subject using other kind of techniques as well.

My interest for holy matter and holy materiality started when years ago I read about the concepts of 'Immanence' in saint Augustine works and how closely related the christian mystery of 'Incarnation' is with the inherence of the divine and the spirit in 'Matter' and in 'Image', a phenomena that in a way sums up the utterly non-dualistic essence (communion between spirit and body-matter) of catholic christianity and other christian traditions. This communion between the divine and matter is not just very relevant in the mystery of Incarnation, but in Resurrection and the Ascension (Christ ascends to God not just spiritually but in a physical form, so matter and body are important in this communion). In Catholic christianity matter-body by itself is not considered evil, nor a bad thing whatsoever, and actually we can purify ourselves through a christian way of approaching matter, body, images and the whole world in general. That spiritual communion with/through matter and image quite interests me.

Back in the XIV and XV centuries it was very common the use of mental visual exercises to meditate about the life of Christ, making use or physical images and many texts that recreated very visually the episodes of his life. In those exercises we have again a communion between matter (and its visual) means with spirit.

I find all of this is intimately linked too to some other subject I am very fond of: the spanish mysticism of XVI century from the catholic contra-reform times, which mystics (st. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and many others) experienced and mostly expressed their mysticism in very “material”, visual, tactile, tasting ways. An intense 'sensuality' that in many occasions were expressed with even almost erotic means (Although not in a literal way). That “sensual” tendency is probably a direct in-heritage of sufi mysticism, since muslims occupied Spain during many centuries not so long before the times of St. teresa of Avila. In this spanish mysticism we have again an intimate communion between the divine/spirit and body/matter.

In any case, all the things I’ve talked about above can be summed up on this: my interest on the “Holy Materiality” phenomena. And this project is just one piece in my research, a piece that is focused on blood cult.

The drawings I am posting here are just a slight example of what I working on. I will be posting more as the project goes along.

With the drawings I am posting pictures of some of the books I am getting inspiration from for this project, with especial attention to those of Caroline Walker Bynum.

-Man Of Sorrows As Fountain Of Life-

-The Five Wounds/Fragments Of Jesus Bleeding As One And As A Whole'

               -Blood Acheiropoietos As A Result Of A Miraculous Bleeding Chalice -

                      -Christ in the Chalice/Winepress-

                        -Soteriological Sacrifice Of Christ As A Bleeding And Illuminating Candle-
(Solid Wax As Body, Wick As Soul, Flame As The Divine, Melted Wax As Soteriological Blood) 

  -Five Wounds Of Jesus As Soteriological Bleeding Candles-

  -Saint Francis Getting The Stigmata As A Result Of Mirroring Jesus Christ-

                              -Presence Of Christ In Holy Matter/Blood-                                     -Blood As Word, Word As Blood-

                      -Soteriological drop/fragment of Christ As Soteriological Whole Of Christ (Fragment As A Whole)

                -Mass Of Saint Gregory I- 

                                                  -Holy Wounds Veil-                               -Bleeding Fragments/Pieces (Relics) of the Cross-

                                          -Blood As Body, Body As Blood-                           -Pieta Of The Holy Wounds-

 -Concomitance I. Host As Body And As Blood-             -Concomitance II. Fragment As A Whole-

                                             -Taste Communion-                                                     -Visual Communion-