I have started a new musical project: HUMO. It will be a collection of ethereal and ambiental pieces that, in this occasion, won't be based on piano although this, my main instrument, will appear sometimes. Probably this is the most introspective project I've done so far, although all of them are.

Here I show you a couple of examples of what I am working on:


The Other End

I've just released my 14 piano pieces album 'The Other End' on bandcamp. I've set it in a way that you can listen the whole album in this link for free, but you can download it as well with high audio quality similar to CD's (Wav and such) from this link too and doing so supporting the artist Emoticono smile

The picture used in the art cover is by Georgiana Gîrboan

The Other End

I am working on a new piano album called "The Other End". These are two of the pieces that will be included in it:



I've just published my new piano album "Unspoken" in Bandcamp. Nine piano tunes about unspoken things. You can listen the whole album in mp3 quality on there, or/and you can download it with high audio quality (the same than a CD) in this link too:

Ballad of the Rose. Illustration

First illustration (of 20) for the poem I wrote during the last winter and spring "Ballad of the Rose" (along with seven piano pieces with the same name).

"Ballad of the Rose I" -Álvaro Barcala ©-


You are not
but that Word
which burns in the shadow
of a nonexistent rose bunch

The one that was cut down
with a single stroke
by the invisible axe
of my autumn days

You are not
but a child
who shivers
by the warmth
of an imaginary sun

A flower
by a God incognito
in order to deceive me
to believe
in his sublime presence

Such is the power of your unwonted fragrance

Is it not your existence
that omniscient absence of you
that Nothingness which makes of this world
your corporeal and aching reverse?

Are not those dried petals
softly left behind your trail
the luminescent trace
of an extinct species?

From the magic and enigmatic doe
only remains
the golden silhouette

The brightness of a halo
which fades leisurely
while stealthy into the forest


Kin no Kizu

Yukiko Hiranuma and I have created a new track 'Kin no Kizu' (golden scar) inspired in the art of Kintsugi, for our project Black Flash Back

この度、Yukiko Hiranuma さんとのプロジェクトに新曲が加わります。Black Flash Back. 'Kin no Kizu'

Interview in Cultartes Magazine

I've got featured in the"unconventional art" romanian magazine Cultartes. You can read the article/interview in the following link:

And The Angel Said Never

I have published my album "And The Angel Said Never" in my Bandcamp. You can listen the whole album in a row in average mp3 on this link, and you can download it with High Audio resolution -similar to CD- and doing so supporting the artist.

All the songs of this album are inspired by some of my favorite classic books, most of them related with the Sea and with the Mysterious:

1. The March of the Crows: "The Raven", Edgar Allan Poe. 

2. The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea: The homonymous work by Yukio Mishima. 

3. Under The Sea: "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas", Jules Verne. 

4. Crusoe: "Robinson Crusoe", Daniel Defoe 

5. A Distant Eden: "Paradise Lost", John Milton. 

6. Wipping Mist: "The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner", Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 

7. The Shadow Line: The homonymous work by Joseph Conrad. 

8. A Heart In The Mist: "Heart Of Darkness", Joseph Conrad. 

9. Grampus: The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym Of Nantucket, Edgar Allan Poe.

Black Flash Back

Yukiko Hiranuma and I have formed a band named Black Flash Back. Some kind of musical and poetical correspondence/project between Japan and Spain. "Nobody Buys Me flowers" is our first track for which she made the vocals and lyrics and I made the music and audio production.


I've just published on bandcamp my album "Touch", a 12 tracks piano based project about wounds and beauty. It is the premiere of the project as a whole. 

You can listen all the songs straight in the link I'm posting.

I've set up the page so that it is posible to listen all the songs in average mp3, but you can download the whole album as well with high CD audio quality (Flac... Wav, and such) supporting the artist

(I made the concept and the design of the cover as well)


In search for Eden Garden...

These are the first drawings of the series "The Golden Garden" I am working on. Along the upcoming drawings I will be developing a world relating Arthurian Legends, Alchemy and Christian Iconology

Books are my main source of inspiration. During the last two years I've become aware that I have been doing my readings in three different lines and that those lines are intimately linked (Arthurian Myths, Neoplatonic-Christian Mysticism, Christian Iconology):

As for Arthurian Myth my readings have been based in books by Chrétien de Troyes (Perceval, The story of the grail / Yvain, the Knight of the Lion / Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart / Erec and Enide), Wolfram von Eschenbach (Parzival), Geoffrey of Monmouth (Historia Regum Britanniae), The Pearl Poet (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), Anonimus (Perlesvaus), The Didot Perceval, Robert de Boron (Joseph d'Arimathe / Merlin), The Prose Lancelot, Thomas Malory (Le Morte d'Arthur), Roger Sherman Loomis (The Grail, from Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol), Geoffrey Ash (The discovery of King Arthur, Merlin)...

As for Mysticism: Plotinus, Saint Augustine, Meister Eckhart, Angelus Silesius, Saint Teresa of Ávila, San Juan de la Cruz, Hildegard von Bingen, Hugh of Saint Victor, etc. / and christian thought with not a necessarily mystic approach: Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Anselm, Duns Scoto, St. Thomas Aquinas...

As for Chistian Iconology: André Grabar (The Process of Creation in Christian Iconography / The Beginnings of Christian Art / The Origins of Medieval Aesthetics), Erwin Panofsky (Studies in Iconology / Saturn and Melancholy/ Life and Art of Albrecht Dürer), Cesare Ripa (Iconology), Robin Cormack (Byzantine Art / Icons), Solrunn Nes (The Mystical Language of Icons), Hans Belting (Image and Cult / Anthropology of the Image), Juan F. Esteban Lorente (Iconography Treatise).

Most of the books related with medieval arthurian legends I have read have found light thanks to editors-publishers like Victoria Cirlot, Luis Alberto de Cuenca and Jacobo Siruela.

-Without PUBLIC libraries, my personal and professional developing would have been totally imposible (I really can't imagine how this world would be if everything would be privatized)-

"The Holy Wound". 100X70 cm (39.37 X 27.55 inches). Graphite and white chalk on paper:

"The Fruit of Prayer". 32X24 cm (12.59 X 9.44 inches). Graphite and acrylic on paper:

"The Rose, Faith and the Scent of the Unseen". 32X24 cm (12.59 X 9.44 inches). Graphite and acrylic on paper:

fragments (click on them to see them bigger):

The Red Cathedral

"The Red Cathedral" (done between 2013-2014) is a book in which I have drawn the iconography I found on the walls of a Red Cathedral I discovered deeply buried in my subconscious. The outcome of it has been nearly 230 drawings. These are just some few examples from that book:

All images: Álvaro Barcala ©