Interview for "Sleaze" magazine (Germany)

Please note that this interview was done years ago and that nowadays my thoughts and beliefs might be different.

-Interview by LeneVollhardt-

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Interview on Álvaro (Misterio) Barcala by Lene Vollhardt, 
for Jan/Feb 2009 Issue "Sleaze Magazine"  (based in Berlin, Germany):
SO, first: Nice to have you in Sleaze MAgazine. Do you believe in God?
I believe in the idea of god, whether it is a real being or just a psychological projection of our deeper inner. Actually I find much more interesting this second possibility since if God is a symbol of ourselves, then there is a huge deep ocean to explore.  And I believe that, whatever is the nature of what you would eventually find, that thing is real and sacred.

"The difficult thing is not doing it but creating it "
Can you try to explain this phenomenon?

With those words I just wanted to differ two facts when it comes to make art. One thing is having the skills to physically produce a work and another is what you mean with that work.  Both facts are complementary and there is a constant feedback between them. It is a very rich experience when you make art with your own hands, but I don't think you are able to communicate anything unless you have worked on your own person before, or while doing the artwork. I could copy one of my drawings in some few hours, but it could take a whole life to create one.

 What did you dream last night?
Just as well I don't remember it because it might be a nightmare.

Where does your Fascination for Myths come from?
It comes because for me Myths give the answer of what we are. They symbolize the depths of our mind in form of stories, and those stories are universal. During ages Humans have made their fantasies real, and I think that fantasy is exactly what we are. When you lose the fascination for yourself you are nothing, and Myths keep my fascination alive.

Tell us your favourite Myth.
My favourite Myth is that of the Creation. Every culture has its own one, and reading them  you find how similar they are. I think somehow  the human being  has a faint memory of how we appeared in this world or at least of how we got conscious of it, and it is fantastic to see the different ways we have tried to recover that memory.

 Your favourite Song Text Quote.
"The twig-smashed landscape
Is rolling and waving
Wolf wild wide wind walking
Soft smoke star space stalking
This is the comic book end"
Current 93. "All this World makes Great Blood"

What do you don´t like about Spain?
Probably the same thing that every native of every country feel. Somehow you are chained to the average and homogeneous mentality of the place you have lived for so long. In order to expand my individual way of thinking and expression I simply had to leave. Personally, being a foreigner gives you some kind of strange illusion of freedoom.
It is not easy to live in another country but it is too complicated being a bit different in my own one.

What is the strangest thing about Germans?
Their inscrutability.

If you wouldn´t have become an Artist, what would you be?
An spectator.

When i had one book to read in my live and after that i´d be dead, what would you recommend me?
"Story of the Eye" by George Bataille.


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