Marian Iconography

I am working on a series of paintings about Marian Iconography. In this project I am using very simple iconographic patterns and I am proceeding in a very sketchy way since my main purpose here is not so much the artworks themselves, nor developing new visual patterns and so on, but just reading and meditating on this subject. Sometimes I like to visualize some of those reflexions, so I make these paintings quickly since they help me to internalize the concepts I'm learning,  "ruminating" or mostly giving a devotional attention to. So, now and then I am posting randomly some of these visual procedures, but they are not done so much with "artistic" intentions.

‘Lady of Lilies’. 55X60cm. Pastels on paper.

‘Eve-Mary’. 55X60cm. Pastels on paper.

‘Mary’s humility as a stairway through which the divine goes down from Heaven to Earth and into flesh’. 55X60cm. Pastels on paper.

‘Mary’s Uncorrupted Womb As Marriage Chamber Of The Divine And The Human’ 
55X60cm. Pastels on paper.

‘Mother Of The Holy Wounds’. 55X60cm. Pastels on paper.

‘Three Headed Mary’. 55X60cm. Pastels on paper.
(Theologically speaking representing Mary as a three headed trinity is quite wrong and aberrant, but when I made this image I simply wanted to see what impressions and vibes I get while contemplating it, playing with the fact as well that it is represented on the veil with its following echoes of an "image of an image" and so on)

‘Theotokos I’. 55X60cm. Pastels on paper.

‘Annunciation’. 55X60cm. Pastels on paper.