In The Name Of The Wind

I have just released my album 'In The Name Of The Wind' on bandcamp.
(I've posted here some of its tracks along last winter).
This album is a meditative introspection. Each piece is a soft and windy prayer, a meditative improvisation, in which I used only wind instruments as a means to evoke the primordial "wind" and "breath"
that shake and emanate all things created. 
The pieces of this album are not necessarily meant to be listened in a row, from the first
to the last one, but each of them can be used for a specific moment. 
Concepts as Nada Brahma or practices as Dhikr were an inspiration
at the time of approaching the performance/improvisation of these pieces. 
The piece 'I Am Not Afraid Of The Wind' is inspired by the homonymous poem written by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte.